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Beautiful is no longer the exclusive domain of high-end hospitality brands such as Hilton, Marriott and Hyatt; in the present day upscale private condominiums have risen to the challenge in sculpting their own cool blue oases- dreamy, grand and very much instagrammable. Needless to say, there is lovely, then there is heavenly. We checked out numerous properties around the island, and consequently shortlisted six which thoroughly charmed our socks off. Get ready to be impressed.

Happening high above the bustling Orchard road area, this is without a shred of doubt paradise in the skies. Pale turquoise waters purposefully augmented by deck chairs of minimalist design and fancy metal cabanas,  indulging in a midday swim followed by a productive short nap right here is just too good a proposal to refuse. Enormous barbecue sheds flank one side of the pool, providing the most exciting of locales to host a gathering or social event. On a side note, Cairnhill Nine is also conveniently connected to Paragon Shopping Mall by a link bridge, seriously what's there not to love? 

The Tresor in the highly coveted Bukit Timah Sixth Avenue zone boasts refined living in the form of 5-storey residential blocks wrapped strategically around a sprawling pool setup. Evidently no expense is spared in the articulation and pristine upkeep of a wondrously laid back, tranquil environment. One probably has to shell out significant cash to secure a unit, then again you get what you pay for. By the way, in case you aren't aware, one of Singapore's finest schools Hwa Chong Institution is a mere 2 minutes away on foot.

duchess crest.png

Duchess Crest Condominium which is also located within District 10 (Bukit Timah, Balmoral, Holland) offers a cheery collage of blue, brick red and rustic grey in the swimming pool department. Included within this picturesque template is a decently sized pavilion, a separate junior pool as well as a generous array of chairs and tables. A set of lovely tennis courts are made available for use by residents, and we have provided accompanying shots for good measure.

gardens at bishan.png

The Gardens At Bishan is quite aptly named -the 99 years leasehold development just off Sin Ming Ave is a sprawling masterpiece of carefully cultivated greenery harmonized with numerous palatial elements. The swimming pool area itself is quite a sight to behold especially from afar; symmetry in design is embraced with dome-like porch structures properly centered around the physical pool perimeter, while deck chairs and various outdoor furniture are conscientiously manipulated into clusters lining the edge of distinctly two-toned blue waters. Oh yes, plain magnificent through and through.

tropical spring.png

A lushly green habitat profiled by tan brown blocks, towering palm trees, one large perimeter pool (boasting so out-of-this-world blue waters) plus the glorious sun hanging ever high above, Tropical Spring condominium evokes an immense sense of serenity and joy from within . If you desire every day of the week to feel like Sunday, this is certainly the place to be. Do note that both Simei MRT station and East Point Shopping Mall happen in the vicinity.

my manhattan.png

My Manhattan (also in the Simei area) features facades largely dressed in a sleek monochromatic colour scheme, while the physical swimming pool installed exactly in the heart of existing residential dwellings provides a refreshing contrast to the black and white backdrop all around. Cool waters, ample shade and gentle winds that caress on occasion ...... definitely potent balm for both body and soul.


Have you since fallen deeply in love? We know we have.